When life tears you a new one...

Something is missing

It was a Tuesday like any other. I spent most of it with one of my best friends…

Lunch. Good sandwiches. Climbing at the rock gym. On this day I felt different in my body. Everything was really working as a team. I felt strong and agile.

Then something shifted. Time. Traffic. Rain. Late.

Got to dance class late. I do check in so I am never late. Phone wasn't working. Messages never sent. Something was off. I brushed it off.

I let it go. I listened to the drums. I listened to the beat. There too...something was off. But for some reason it didn't matter. I felt too good.

Then came the last few minutes of class and a solo circle.

I was going.

Then I wasn't.

Then I was.

Then I wasn't.

I finally did and 3 steps in…


It felt like a guitar string snapped and broke through my body. It felt hollow, echoing…

I went to step my left foot down, but something wasn't right. It felt like a huge ball of cotton with a light wood block was under my foot. I lifted my leg and tried again. Still the same thing.

Something wasn't right.

I came down to my butt and scooted out of the circle.

“I am okay, I'm okay, keep going, I'm okay.”

I knew I wasn't. I immediately propped my leg up on the side of the 3 step high stage and bring my hands to the back of my left calf.

“It snapped. DAMMIT!”

I knew immediately it was my Achilles. It just wasn't there. There was empty space.


I sat for a few breathes looking around.

I wanted to make sure things stayed calm. I asked someone next to me to grab my bag from my car. It had my first aid kit, and ace bandage and wrapping tape….KT tape too.

She grabbed that while someone else got me ice.

Long story short the situation was handled. I had a community of women and men look over me.

This community has been in my circle for almost 2 years.

It's the New Moon Ensemble, a West African dance inspired ensemble of drummers, dancers, seers and healers. Inspired by tradition, the love of connection to the earth and one another, I have found a family.

This family has supported my sadhana practice of dance and music. It helped me rekindle a fire within I had thought was gone.

I am eternally thankful to all those who were there for me that evening. With gratitude I write these words and send love and blessings to each one of you.

Thank you!