Turmeric smoothie :P

Did you know that your body shakes after anesthesia?

It usually happens to me after big emotional outbursts, after yin yoga, after a body scan meditation. I'm used to this feeling.

As the nerve block slowly leaves my body, I watch and feel my leg muscles spasm. “It's happy to be connected again,” Cory said.

It's true! I don't feel the sad, empty space anymore. My toe is at a point in my splint which mimics how I've always walked since I was younger, on my tippy toes.

Oxycodone makes me fuzzy, like bits of itchy cotton across my skin at times. Weird.

I'm trying to be a good patient and follow a routine with my meds. I honestly don't really trust medicine. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it's hard for me to trust.

Before my operation I thought about all the little things, all the people that were involved. The person who chose the curtains, the person who designed the bag my street clothes went into, who hung the file holder on the wall. So many people made it all happen.

I'm really grateful right now. Grateful to be on my couch binge watching Gilmore Girls, having my husband, my parents and my dog. I'm grateful for all the sweet messages for healing, love and prayers. So happy for the phone calls and texts.