Almost 2 weeks ago I returned from a solo trip to South Carolina. It had been the first time in many, many years that I had taken a trip that wasn't for a training or for family. I was going on a journey for myself. I stayed with a dear friend of mine who made a point to provide every comfort - from a cozy bed to a car to make my journeying easy. I had forgotten what it was like to not have to worry so much. I didn't have to worry about anyone else, any thing else, I truly got to focus on myself, my soul.

Mornings were spent sitting in the sun on the beach or by the pool. I walked along the marsh walk taking in nature. I was able to breathe with nature once more. Traveling to Charleston one day, I found myself listening to another part of me. I was listening to the part that has always just watched. It wasn't my intuition but something far deeper. All I heard was "COMMUNICATION!"

Charleston, SC

In that moment I knew what my next step was - the work that I have always done. If you know me, you know people always talk to me. I can walk into a room and within seconds there will be someone telling me their life story. My whole life I have been listening - creating a space where people feel allowed to listen to themselves. A place where some big truths happen and journeys continue, where seekers find what they are seeking.

My moments of clarity came frequently on this trip. I wasn't fearful. I've returned feeling more loved, more filled with joy and ready for what's next. As I continue to grow my business, I am open to this next piece I am adding to my work: Communication Consultant for businesses. My life working in the service industry has revealed so many levels of communication. Some levels work and some do not. I have witnessed success and lack of success. If you are looking to build a solid foundation for your business, communication is key. How can you communicate your truth to everyone?

Let's explore that answer together.