Conflict & Resolution

Conflict & Resolution:

Can 1 exist without the other?

I pose this question to myself and where the world is right now. Being from the U.S. I am faced with the grief of the happenings of yet ANOTHER school shooting. ANOTHER situation that perhaps COULD HAVE been prevented. But what I am struck with the most is the reaction, the effect, affect, the ripple of action.

I hear parents voicing frustration & fear.

Policies, lack of policies...


Why, in a country that promotes FREEDOM, do we stand without action?

Why the laws, the restrictions OR lack of laws & restrictions?

Why are the warning signs ignored?

What do I do? Who do I voice to? Am I just another newsfeed ranter or CAN SOMETHING BE DONE?

Can something be done...

I speak almost daily about how challenging this time, this age, this present is. WHY - seems to be the question that always arises. It is usually followed by - HOW? Then - WHAT....(action) do I take?

I invite you to try this:

What about __________(conflict)_________ stands out to you? Truly feels significant...

How does that show up in YOUR life right now (present or not present)?

PAUSE/BREATHE and notice how that feels inside - follow that feeling & notice if some words of wisdom arise for a deeper place, a thinking beyond the mind kind of thinking

From that ask yourself "what do I do now, if anything?"

There may be an urge to save the planet, eliminate guns, etc. Okay....I get it.

BUT - make it feasible. Something YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO. If you're not sure what that is let that new awareness ruminate, bubble and see what floats to the surface. Give yourself some time to get a sense of what really, truly, honestly feels like a difference to you. It may be as simple as giving someone a hug or smiling at a stranger.

Create your drop in the water & notice the ripple...