Power of Our Words

Have you every noticed the power your words have over you when you don't meet expectations?

I'll give you an example: "My back hurts! I can't _______, I can't ________, If I look like I'm broken, it's because _______, so I'm gonna look like _______."

I kept all the words blank because I'm sure that each and every one of you could come up with a reason why in the "can't" category. It's an interesting conversation to have with folks. I feel like in the world we live in right now, most people are likely to speak to what can't happen or what won't work. The past always seems to dictate the future. But if that were true and we know what isn't going to work, you would think that people would be more inclined to take risks or chance at something with perhaps a different outcome. You would think, right?

So where do our words come in to play? This is where I feel like inviting you to play along, that is if you connect to this game in the slightest bit. If it makes you curious, then why not?

For ONE day, notice what it's like to be aware of your words:

• Where do you notice yourself placing negative action words? - can't, it won't, I shouldn't, etc.

The following day, notice what happens when you change your words to speak to what you CAN do.

Example, let's take the back reference "My back hurts, so I'm going to give it extra special attention today and move slower than my regular pace. I can bend my knees more, I can push instead of lift."

• Do you notice a difference? If so, take note of that.

After you've tried both, what changed? Remember, we're just playing, so no big deal either way. As I tell folks, this is for inquiry, not debate...

Have fun with it!