Integrative life therapy uses body awareness, movement and dialog in an approachable,

step by step process toward healing the whole individual.

This work is a great complement to any body/energy work and/or traditional psychotherapy and gives the opportunity to integrate your healing back into your life.


During a session you are guided to observe & witness

your whole experience:


physical body

mental / emotional bodies

connection to spirit / inner wisdom

life circumstances

All parts of you are welcome in a session.

You may connect to some of what's noted above OR you may not. It's important to remember that connecting to all, some or none of these things does not reflect your ability to receive this work.

We are all on a journey and no path is identical.

Clients have found receiving this work effective for:

Pairing with 12 Step Recovery / Recovery Programs / Traditional Therapy

PTSD / Acute Trauma

   (physical, mental & emotional trauma)

Support through life transitions

   (relationships, disease, parenthood/pregnancy, employment, etc.)

Self esteem / Stress management

Eating disorders


Disconnection from life / self

coping with anxiety

( just to name a few)

GSRD - All are welcome.

gender, sexual, relationship diversity



These sessions are one on one and are catered to the client.

Call / text / email now for your free 30 minute consultation.

* Remote sessions are also available via phone or video chat.



These sessions are for two people in partnership.

Some examples of partnerships:


parent / child

business relationship




* any two people looking to deepen their relationship of communication and / or connection to one another.

Each person is expected to have received this work as an individual & must be in agreement to receive the work together.



"After a week of emotionally intensive work, Anne's class brought me fully back into my body. I left the class feeling grounded and filled with a calm energy that I could then navigate the rest of my day with. Anne was son intentional with her words, her kindness and patience are infectious. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful energy to your practice."

-Megan MacKenzie


These sessions are a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy style yoga experience. Available for small groups of any kind. These experiences use specific themes to build self awareness & group awareness. Body awareness brings insight to how our internal world mirrors our external world and cultivating that connection to self will only create a connection to your own answers.

Schedule your group to promote:



relationship dynamic

promote self care

team building